Player Code of Conduct

UpdatedSunday February 4, 2018 byTYBL Board.


Players, your behavior during play this season is of the utmost importance. As a young athlete you hold a position of importance and are an example to many younger athletes. Below is the code of conduct for TYBL:

1. Use of any FOUL or THREATENING language is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. The use of such language can result in a technical foul OR immediate ejection.
2. Use of physical violence (fighting, punching, kicking and) of any sort inside or on the grounds of a facility run by Middle School Basketball Leagues will result in an immediate ban and likely criminal charges.
3. Players will “cheer” for their team, not yell negative and derogatory comments at the other team.
4. Players will enter the court dressed appropriately, as set by the referees conducting the game. Jersey must be tucked in, all jewelry removed from the body.
5. Players who are ejected from any game will serve a onegame suspension and may not play in the following game.
6. Players understand that they can be removed from their team (at the league’s or the coach’s discretion) without refund for disciplinary measures. 

It is the policy of this league that it is for the kids. TYBL Board Members, Coaches, Score keepers and Game Officials all participate in order to give kids the chance to play a high quality of basketball in a safe environment. Any person or thing standing in the way of that will be removed from that atmosphere.

Thank you for your cooperation.